Wearing contact lenses with makeup,
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Wearing contact lenses with makeup

Contactlens Makeup
Most women in the world wear makeup – and those who are inclined to wear contacts usually more so then those who are not. But makeup can cause serious harm to the eyes of those who wear contact lenses, and there are several safety concerns that anyone using them should know.

First and foremost – always put on the makeup after you put in the lenses. This will keep your fingers, and therefore the lenses and your eyes, clean from the dusts, creams and oils that are abound in most forms of makeup. When taking the lenses out, first remove all makeup from your face, so that the lens will not accidently touch a part of your face and get contaminated. After cleaning your face with makeup removers, clean your fingers thoroughly before touching your eyes again.

The second thing biggest tip is to buy the kind of makeup that will not harm you. Opt for hypoallergenic brands when you can, and try to avoid powders if you can. Many eyeshadows come in cream versions, and those are less likely to get in your eyes and compromise your contact lenses. If you must use powdered eyeshadow, make sure to tightly close your eyes when applying it, and brush off any excess powder before opening them again.

The last tip is to make sure makeup never gets too old before replacing it. Over time, bacteria gets into any product that isn’t anti-bacterial, and it compromises your eyesight and health. Just like you replace your Air Optix every month, so you need to replace the makeup you use every three months or so. These tips should allow you to wear contact lenses and makeup without harm – make sure to follow them, and you’ll keep your eyes healthy and your sight sharp at all times.