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Edward Cullen RX Theatrical Contact Lenses

Edward Cullen RX Theatrical Contact Lenses 

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Edward Cullen RX Theatrical Contact Lenses

Are you a twihard? Are you planning to go to the next Halloween party dressed as Edward or any other member of the Cullen family? If you are, then your costume is never going to be perfect without a touch of the Edward Cullen RX Theatrical Lenses. These special effect contact lenses perfectly mimic the deep golden brown eyes all the Cullens sport. The lenses include a black pupil followed by a splash of brown that fades into an outer rim of black giving you a perfect Twilight vampire look. These beauties also come in various prescription powers, so that you donít end up being Edward Cullen with glasses.

Edward Cullen RX Theatrical Contact Lenses
Prescription Power Theatrical Lenses
Type: Theatrical - Halloween Contact Lenses
Material: Polymacon 62% and water 38%
Size: BC: Median, Diameter: 14.5 mm