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Shiva Theatrical Contact Lenses

Shiva Theatrical Contact Lenses 

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Shiva Theatrical Contact Lenses

Shiva is a popular Hindu deity whose character-play through these special effect contact lenses can prove quite dramatic. He is considered to be the Supreme God and known by many titles such as The Transformer and The Destroyer . He is the God who is known for his violent and benevolent aspects. He is elegant enough to be known as the cosmic dancer and fearsome enough to be known as the demon slayer. Bring out a dramatic effect that demonstrates soft feelings encompassed with rage and benevolence on the background with our Shiva Theatrical Contact Lenses.

Shiva Theatrical Contact Lenses
Type: Theatrical - Halloween Contact Lenses
Material: Polymacon 62% and water 38%
Size: BC: Median, Diameter: 14.5 mm