Bring Depth to Your Character this Halloween with Special Effect Contacts,
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Bring Depth to Your Character this Halloween with Special Effect Contacts

Think of it. When you play a character during Halloween and other such occasions, looking the part is usually the top-most priority in your mind. You can do all the make up you want but nothing can compare the visual effect that a special effect contact lens brings to your look. If you want to stand apart this Halloween, here are some things you should know about special effect contacts.

Yes, they are Safe
Halloween Special Effects
Special effect (FX) contacts can be worn by anyone including people who have never tried contacts before. These contacts come with and without lens powers and can be used by all, regardless of the visual condition. However, it should be kept in mind that even lenses without power need a prescription from your doctor. Buying one without doctor’s consent is not only illegal but also dangerous. Your risks can range from infection to visual loss (in extreme cases). Buy your FX contact lenses only through certified online stores, and certified optical outlets. Also ensure that you never share your lenses with anyone.

These lenses are FDA-approved. Moreover, special effect contact lenses are not a new phenomenon and have been used even in the movies of the 50s. Just recall Elvis Presley's eyes that suddenly changed from their natural blue color to brown in the movie Flaming Star or the infamous wolf eye look sported by Michael Jackson in the Thriller music video. The FX lenses are slightly more expensive than the regular ones but this is not reason enough to head to the flea market for your purchase. Remember; while FX lenses can be fun, the problems resulting from unsafe lenses bought from illegal sources can be quite a pain.

Know how they Work

For uninhibited vision, you need the lens to be clear at the area of your pupils. The FX lenses are built around this principle. The lenses comprise of a clear area in the center to allow the light to pass through your pupils, while the surrounding area is actually opaque. This opaque region is where the designs find their place. The white of your eye is usually covered with colors and designs that can give you a profoundly haunting look.

The Choices out There

You have a superb variety through which you can choose the lenses. It could be the part you are playing from any of the X-Men characters to the vampires of Twilight; FX lenses have something for everyone. Below are some of the most popular choices:
  • Black sclera
  • Full white
  • Cat eyes
  • Contacts inspired by cult TV shows and movies
  • Black, white and yellow combination
  • Red and amber
  • Red, black, white, and yellow Goth-look lenses
  • Alien eyes
  • Supernatural designs like zombie and vampires
  • Mesh-look and spider-web designs
Halloween Lenses

UV lenses that glow in the dark are another option, which can really multiply the “scare factor” of your Halloween look. The options do not stop here, just visit an online store and you will be overwhelmed by the choice at your disposal. Another popular trend these days is to use “circle contact lenses.” These are extremely popular among individuals who look to sport the doll-eyed “Anime look.” They bring out the black of your eyes by making them look really big.

A Word of Caution

FX contact lenses are absolutely safe but it helps to keep the following points in mind.
  • Never buy lenses without a prescription. You might end up with an ill-fitting pair that can cause damage to your eyes.
  • Buy the lenses only from legitimate sources as mentioned above.
  • The FX lenses are not designed for overnight use. So, ensure that you remove them before you go to bed.
  • Follow the lens care precautions as suggested by your doctor.
  • If you experience any symptoms such as tearing, redness, itching or swelling, remove the FX lenses immediately and contact your eye doctor.

Keep in mind that complications from FX lenses are rare when bought through proper means. So, have fun this Halloween and scare the wit out of your friends and neighbors. Happy spooking!